We can only speculate about the circumstances under which Atlantis disappeared. Some theories suggest that there was a huge asteroid which shifted the poles, split the Atlantic basin and created the Caribbean region. Others assume that Atlantis was doomed to sink because of a catastrophic earthquake together with volcanic eruptions. A fairly plausible explanation concerns the melting of the poles at the end of the Würm Ice Age 12 000 years ago.

The point in time when Atlantis disappeared can be calculated by taking into account the statements of Egyptian priests – provided that they are correct. These priests told Solon:

“(...) She founded your city a thousand years before ours, receiving from the Earth and Hephaestus the seed of your race, and afterwards she founded ours, of which the constitution is recorded in our sacred registers to be eight thousand years old. As touching your citizens of nine thousand years ago, I will briefly inform you (...)“

This would indicate that Atlantis had sunk 9 000 years before this conversation, dating from ca. 570 BC, was held. Hence, Atlantis should have sunk before 11600 BC. But what was the reason for the destruction of Atlantis?

“(...)Zeus, the god of gods, who rules according to law, and is able to see into such things, perceiving that an honourable race was in a woeful plight, and wanting to inflict punishment on them, that they might be chastened and improve, collected all the gods into their most holy habitation, which, being placed in the centre of the world, beholds all created things. And when he had called them together, he spake as follows...“

The destruction of Atlantis was based on the same reasons that also brought forth the Flood legends and led to the doom of Sodom and Gomorrha. Worldwide, wickedness and arrogance were the origin of almost any Flood legends or legends concerning the end of the world. What incident was so devastating that it affected the whole world and made people think that they themselves were to be held responsible for such a catastrophe? According to some 19th-century mystics, the Atlanteans were a technologically superior nation. Had the Atlanteans, provided that they ever existed, destroyed themselves because they exerted their influence on Nature? Unlikely, but interesting.

One of the Maya scripts still available, the Troanus Codex, tells of a devastating catastrophe that caused an unknown land to sink and killed 64 million people. However, these pieces of information are based on speculations since only one third of the Maya scripts has been deciphered so far. Hence, the details of the translation are not to be considered as definite facts.

Nevertheless, as far as the years around 10 000 BC are concerned, many puzzles remain which might be connected to the disappearance of Atlantis:

10 000 BC the Ice Age comes to an end, the poles melt and the sea level rises
9 800 BC final traces of the Magdalenian civilization in Europe
10 000 BC beginning of settledness of people in Syria-Palestine
8 500 BC beginning of farming in the Near East
12 000 BC rock paintings in Brasilia
9 000 BC first cultures in Central America
11 000 BC cave paintings in France and Spain
9 800 BC golden age of Azilian cultures in the Mediterranean area
10 000 BC domestication of dogs in North America and North Europe
8 500 BC beginning of Arctic art, appearance of the ski

These facts point out that, around 10 000 BC, many cultures arose while others came to their end. Could it be that the refugees from Atlantia established these cultures all around the Atlantic Ocean in order to make a new start? The dates given would even agree with Plato’s writings.



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