Atlas - erster König von AtlantisIs there anyone still unfamiliar with ATLANTIS? The moving and fascinating power of the legendary eighth continent stretches back into antiquitity and still exerts its attraction on mankind today. So far, the phenomenon of Atlantis has remained a mystery for philosophers, freethinkers and scientists despite their numerous attempts to either prove or disprove its existence.

The sunken continent ATLANTIS is a moving and fascinating myth that dates back to Plato’s historical writings and has been maintained ever since by people’s search for the origin of life.

The purpose of these pages is to make you familiar with insights, facts and cross connections about the legendary continent of Atlantis. My aim is to enable you to create your own comprehensive idea of that lost paradise’s existence. As far as possible, my information are based upon Plato’s dialogues, historical legends, myths and events. (left picture: Atlas – Greek Titan and first king of Atlantis)

I hope you will enjoy your journey through the old cultures with all their myths, secrets and legends.

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